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Posted 22 August 2007 - 11:25 AM

Hello, Maplers!
MapleStory Client ver. 0.34 is now released!
Below is the overview of what's in store for you:

< Game >
- The wait is over. The Guild Quest is now available! Battle your way through quests with your trusty Guild and leave your mark in MapleStory!
- It's that time of the year again, and love is in the air! Valentine's Day is upon us, and we're going to celebrate it like only MapleStory can! Look for Maple Admin NPC for Valentine's Day Quests!
- Last, but not least, we're also celebrating the Lunar New Year's! Mr. Moneybags is in Henesys waiting to give out some love to anyone willing to celebrate the Lunar New Year's with him! Find him before it's too late!

< NPC >
- Maple Admin
- Mr. Moneybags
- Mr. Sandman
- Shuang
- Shawn
- Nuris

< Map >
- All Sharenian-related Maps

< Monster >
- Muscle Stone
- Master Muscle Stone
- Dark Muscle Stone
- Black Knight
- Myst Knight
- Puppet Golem
- Gargoyle
- Devil Slime

< Quest >
- A number of new quests featured in Sharenian
- Valentine Day Chocolate & Basket Quests
- Lunar New Year-related Quests

< Item >
1) Game Item:
a. Accessory
- Eclipse Earrings

b. Hat
- Pickpocket Pilfer
- Herculean Helmet
- LeFay Jester
- Lockewood Hat

c. Cape
- Eclipse Cloak

d. Glove
- Lunar Gloves

e. Weapon
- Yellow Valentine Rose
- Red Valentine Rose
- Blue Valentine Rose
- White Valentine Rose

f. Etc.
- Yellow Wish Ticket
- Green Wish Ticket
- Blue Wish Ticket

2) Cash Item
a. Top
- M Shirt
- Vintage Hooded Shirt

b. Pet
- Golden Pig

c. Pet Equip.
- Oinker Suit

d. Weapon
- Heart Key
- Giant Lollipop
- Melting Chocolate
- Chocolate
- Shooting Hearts
- Blue Shiner Crossbow
- Pink Shiner Crossbow

e. Ring
- Cupid Ring

f. Package
- Fine Hanbok Pkg. (Blue)
- Fine Hanbok Pkg. (Black)
- Fine Hanbok Dress Pkg. (Red)
- Fine Hanbok Dress Pkg. (Blue)
- Lunar Celebration Suit Package
- Lunar Celebration Dress Package
- Valentine's Day Package I (Female)
- Valentine's Day Package II (Female)
- Valentine's Day Package I (Male)
- Valentine's Day Package II (Male)
- Golden Pig Package

We hope you enjoy the newly updated contents for MapleStory.
Happy Mapling!

-The MapleStory Staff-

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