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Announcement: Mapletowers' policy on Private Servers: Don't discuss them.

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This reminder that the discussion of private servers on this forum is NOT ALLOWED.  They are illegal; No questions asked.

For some of you people that think private servers are legal, an old friend from Maplenoobs says why they are not:

QUOTE (Omar)
Operating an unlicensed MapleStory server is copyright infringement.

Copyright infringement is illegal.

But wait, what are these claims about the source code being legal?

The source code is legal. You can type anything you want into a text file, freedom of speech. Compiling the source code into an executable is legal as well. It's just another representation of the text file. You can even run the executable. However, even though the files and their execution is legal, what they are used to do isn't necessarily so. Operating a server for a game you own or are licensed to provide service for is legal, operating an unlicensed MapleStory server is not. It's the same with knives; designing a knife is legal, manufacturing the knife from the design is legal, cutting fruit with the knife you made is legal, but cutting people with the knife you made isn't.

Why make this. People are still going to play anyway?

I know that. I made it because I'm tired of suspending multiple people for talking about them. So in conclusion...

Please do not talk about, encourage, promote, or enable illegal activity on this site. (Basilmarket Rule #6)

Any private server discussion past this point, at least if I catch it, will be met with a warning.

Stating in your character list that your characters are on a private server are allowed, but is subject to mod discretion and must not say which server.

Also, in case you haven't guessed, we do NOT have our own private server nor do we support them.

So don't ask, if that's what you've come here for. People who ask where they can download "frm", are a royal pain in the butt for our staff. Help us keep our sanity by just not asking for it sleep.gif

Thank you.