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Official Forum Rules

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Posted 01 December 2007 - 11:32 AM


By accessing and/or using MapleTowers, you agree to follow the rules and the terms & conditions agreed and set forward by MapleTowers Administration and Staff. These rules are the guidelines for any situation upon which an administrator or staff member makes a moderating decision. First hand punishments will be judged accordingly by the administrator or staff member at hand during any rule breaking incident. We reserve the right to modify the rules at any given time, with or without public notice.

Board Rules
This applies to the entire MapleTowers site, including Personal Messages.

1. Discrimination/Harrassment
MapleTowers will not tolerate discrimination or harrassment and offenders will be punished on the mutual agreement of the moderating team. This includes, but is not limited to: insults/harassment, age bashing, religion hate, disability torment, stereotyping of any groups, sexism and race-based discrimination.

2. Obscenity
While MapleTowers is meant to be a mature forum, certain forms of obscenity are not allowed. This includes: profanity for the sake of profanity, pornography (posted images or links), gross or violent images, vulgar sexual discussions or cybering and other extreme obscenity. The moderating team reserves the right to use discretion as to what violates the obscenity rule.

3. Links to Cheat Sites/Scams
MapleTowers does not tolerate cheating or scamming in any form. While we do allow discussion about cheaters/scammers within the MapleNoobs area, any member caught trying to scam other users or advertising cheat sites will be suspended or banned. This also includes linking to cheat sites that may not be MapleStory related.

4. Spamming
Spamming in any form is not allowed. While we do allow some forms of two-way conversation that others might consider spam, in general, posting multiple meaningless topics, double-posting and frequently posting one-word replies are considered spam. In general, you will receive a verbal warning from a moderator if you are found to be spamming, but it is at the discretion of the moderating team to use a higher punishment.

5. Promoting Other Sites
While we don't mind conversation regarding other MapleStory fansites, outright promotion of said sites are banned from the forums. This also includes promoting commercial websites, as well (such as paid advertising).

6. Hacking Sites
There shall be no mentioning, or linking to other websites and/or forums that relate to the hacking genre. This includes warez sites or other sites who advertise hacking or cheating.

7. Multiple Accounts
  • You may not create multiple accounts for yourself without an Administrator's permission. This is to avoid members cheating for referral points.
  • You may not share your account with anyone else. If you know of someone who wishes to be a member here at MapleTowers, then please refer them to the registration link, as appropriate.
8. Promotions
Promotions are earned, not asked for. Hinting for a promotion, for example to staff, is inadvisable, and could actually harm your chances of obtaining that promotion! For your best chance, it is better to act maturely around the board, be helpful, and be active! Administrators choose staff members at their own discretion.

8. Account/Currency Sales
You may not buy, sell or trade MapleStory accounts or mesos anywhere on the forum, as well as accounts, items or currency for other games. Only MapleStory items made be traded within the Maple Bazaar, and they must be paid for with other items or currency only. ANY transactions for real life cash or currency/items/accounts in other games is strictly forbidden, even if that game itself allows outside sales.

Cross-server item/currency transactions are allowed, but we stress that you use the utmost caution when doing so, and we cannot be held responsible for any scamming that may have occurred.

9. No Backseat Moderating
Unless you're staff, you have no right to tell anyone how to act on the boards, or worse, tell staff how they should act on the boards. We do appreciate people taking the time to instruct a new user on the rules - that is, of course, fine! - but if anything gets out of hand, please use that little Report button. Please do not take matters into your own hands if you are not staff. If a staff member does come in and handles the situation, and you disagree, send a PM to an admin. Don't think it's useless just because they're staff and you're not. We take everything seriously, especially complaints about our staff members, but we're going to be less inclined to hear you out if you've been bashing our staff all over the boards for a situation you may know little to nothing about, capiche?

Clan-Related Rules
These include Contest Rules and Guide/Tutorial Rules.

1. Guide/Tutorial Rules
  • Tier Awards are agreed upon neutral territory by administrators, super moderators, graphic leaders and contest leaders. Please read this topic for information on what we look for in guides.
  • The administrator team will read through a guide once for a primary tier, then leave feedback, and then once more for a final judgement call. This final judgement call sticks until the user updates their guide for a tier upgrade or the guide ages until it is time for a tier downgrade. Due to changes in time, guide marking may appear to be harsher than other times. The administrators reserve the right to mark a guide to their own discretion.
  • Placeholding a guide is not acceptable, and topics such as these will be removed by staff members. Place holding refers to a guide being started but not completed to a satisfactory level, with the intent of putting other members off making the same guide.
  • A guide posted within a certain Clan Season is rewarded with clan points to that clan season alone. If the guide is upgraded, the upgrade clan points belong to the season in which the guide was upgraded in.
  • Plagiarism is not allowed. You must have the author's permission to post their guide on MapleTowers. Do not pass off their work as your own. You must acknowledge the original author of the guide with proper recognition. Even with permission, copied guides will not receive Clan Points.
2. Contest Rules.
  • Rules applied to each individual contest will be posted in the contest topic. These rules apply as though they are Official Board Rules.
  • Where the rule is not posted, you may not share answers or share your contest prize with anybody else. Answers must be given in by the deadline, to the format requested in the contest topic.
  • Where a public vote is required to finalise a winner, members with entries are not allowed to share their submission with anybody else.
  • Whilst we at MapleTowers appreciate members wanting to host their own contests, we ask that you try to refrain from doing this without an administrators permission. This prevents members scamming other members.
3. Clan Sorting and Clan Lounges.
  • You may not leak any information belonging to the Clan Sorting and your individual Clan Lounges to any member who does not have access to these areas. Punishment for breaking this rule may go as far as administrators penalising CP for your clan.

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