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Posted 22 August 2007 - 11:24 AM

Hello, Maplers!
MapleStory Client ver. 0.32 is now released!
Below is the overview of what's in store for you:

< Game >
- Wedding is now available in MapleStory! Travelers may now venture to Amoria to finalize their romance with that special someone and help the good townsfolk there. Adventure or Romance, Amoria is the key that can unlock your heart's desire.
- As the year draws to a close, we at MapleStory wish each and every one of you Happy Holidays! We have brand new adventurous quests that should await you. Find Maple Claws (yes, Maple Claws) and Hannah and give them a helping hand this holiday! We're sure they will appreciate your assistance and reward you accordingly. Hurry up and go find them now!
- Exchange presents with your friends this holiday. Give the presents you received from Maple Claws and Hannah to your friends in MapleStory. Once you exchange presents, you will be able to open the present you received from your friends. Remember, you can only open presents if you give one to your friend!
- Remember making (or eating) gingerbread houses when you were young? Simply gather some crackers and be sure to save them all (instead of devouring them), because the top three guilds with the most Graham Crackers will receive Maple Points!
- Pick up ornaments that monsters drop and decorate Happyville and Shalom Temple. Also, please help Toro find his lost horn in Happyville!

< Item >
1) Game Item:
- All Wedding & Christmas-related items

2) Cash Item
a. Hat
- Purple Bride's Veil
- Green Bride's Veil
- Wedding Veil
- Princess Tiara
- Diamond Tiara
- Ruby Tiara
- Royal Tiara
- Fur Hat
- Skull Beanie
- Elf Hat
- Santa Boy Hat
- Santa Girl Hat
- Tweed Headband
- Black Snowboard Helmet
- Red Snowboard Helmet

b. Coupon
- Amoria Hairstyle Coupon (EXP)
- Amoria Hairstyle Coupon (VIP)
- Amoria Hair Color Coupon (REG)
- Amoria Hair Color Coupon (VIP)
- Amoria Face Coupon (REG)
- Amoria Face Coupon (VIP)
- Amoria Cosmetic Lens Coupon (VIP)
- Amoria Cosmetic Lens Coupon (REG)

c. Top
- Skull Shirt
- Skull Hooded Vest

d. Wedding
- Wedding Ticket (Cathedral)
- Wedding Ticket (Chapel)
- Premium Wedding Ticket (Cathedral)
- Premium Wedding Ticket (Chapel)
- Wedding Invitation Ticket

e. Overall
- Santa Girl Overall
- Santa Boy Overall
- Women's Fur Coat
- Men's Fur Coat
- Black Snowboard Overall
- Brown Snowboard Overall
- Elf Outfit
- Beau Tuxedo
- Wedding Tuxedo
- Wedding Dress
- Princess Isis
- Queen Mary

f. Shoes
- Paris Wingtips
- Veras Heels
- Santa Girl Boots
- Santa Boy Boots
- Snowman Shoes
- Snowboard Boots

g. Effect
- My Boyfriend
- My Girlfriend

h. Cape
- Christmas Cape

i. Weapon
- Bouquet
- Yellow Candy Cane
- Red Candy Cane
- Green Candy Cane
- Snowflake Staff
- Transparent Claw

j. Gloves
- Wedding Gloves

k. Pet
- Penguin
- Rudolph

l. Pet Equip.
- Tree Hat
- Red Fur Coat

m. Store
- Holiday Store Permit

n. Package
- Santa Girl Package
- Santa Boy Package
- Elf Package
- Penguin Package
- Rudolph Package
- Groom's Package
- Queen Mary Package
- Princess Isis Package
- Amoria Package (VIP)
- Amoria Package (REG)

We hope you enjoy the newly updated contents for MapleStory.
Happy Mapling!

-The MapleStory Staff-

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