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Posted 22 August 2007 - 11:29 AM

Greetings, Maplers!
MapleStory Client ver. 0.40 is now live!

The never-before-seen continent of Masteria and its jewel, New Leaf City, welcome you with open arms!

Masteria takes its name from the many warriors who came to the continent looking to master their fate and find their
destiny. It has mysteriously risen from the sea after a 1000-year absence. This once fabled continent was home to
a technologically advanced civilization that used a myriad of techniques for benevolence...before the dark times.
There are very few records of the final act which caused the continent to plunge into the sea, and its jewel,
Olde Sapp Village to be erased from the Maple World.

However, now it has re-risen, and with it, a host of new adventures, beginning in New Leaf City!
Head to the Kerning City Subway and join Mayor Icebyrd Slimm in an all-new adventure!

Our in-game events include:

- Maple Summer Drop Event, Part 2
- Double Drop Event
- GM Event
- Fake Boss Mob Attack - Keep on your toes! Clones of the many bosses will appear throughout MapleStory!

Below is a brief overview of what’s in store for you:

< New Quests >

- Welcome to New Leaf City
- Urban Jungle
- Subani's Legacy
- Cleaning Up The Streets!
            ...and much more!

< Monsters >

- Fire Tusk
- Electrophant
- Wolf Spider
- Mighty Maple Eater
            ...and much more!

< Items >

1) In-game Items

- Elpam Magnet
- Hyper Glyph
- Temporal Fragment

            ...and much more!

2) Buff Items

- Mapleade
- Leaf Crystal
- Honster
- Mana Bull
- MesoGear Ring
            ...and much more!

3) Equips

- Nocturnal Staff
- Diamond Arrows for Bow
- Diamond Arrows for Crossbow
- White Identity
- Onyx Blade
- Warrior Throne
- Amorian Relaxer

            ...and much more!

4) Cash Item

- Dragon Pet
- NLC Hair Coupon
- Maple TV
- 2x EXp Card (New timezones!)

check out the Cash Shop!

Be sure to visit the website and participate in our web event as well:

- GM Blog!
- Guild Screenshots!
- Forum Frenzy!

Enjoy the new content for MapleStory! Happy Mapling!

- The MapleStory Staff -

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