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Who Says You Canít Go Home

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#1 Kitten

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  • Windia

Posted 29 January 2018 - 12:32 AM

*Waves* hello to those whom still pop in from time to time. Our last post was a few years ago so I figured I'd poke you all again since I know there are other lurkers (I've seen you!)


Can you  believe it has been about 8 years (or is it 9?) since Mapletowers all but stopped thriving, and yet we still keep coming back home. 


I know I've had a lot of happy memories from this place even though at times I could be an outright prat (sorry about that staff).


I poked maple again when reboot came out and played pretty solid for almost a year, but alas I still am a wanderer on there.


Update us: anything exciting going on in your lives? A lot can happen in 8-9 years!

#2 Theshinji


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  • Bera

Posted 22 February 2018 - 12:22 AM

I won't lie, i'm a mess tbh. But trying to get better. Finally realised how fucked up I was internally and i'm making steps towards recovery. Had a really good burst of progress too, I met tons of people and never had any negatives from it... except then I was betrayed by someone close and holding him responsible made people drop me like a hot potato. Now i'm stuck trying to pull myself back from having the wind knocked out of me.

I made a few good friends in wow. Even met one irl, she's pretty cool. Mostly still just boring af though. Shitposting on facebook, gaming, me doing me.

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