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MapleStory RED

20 May 2013 - 12:00 AM

Nexon Korea had an event that they called the Maple Festival recently, which showcased a bunch of new content for MapleStory that they're going to be adding to the game this summer. Some of it sounds really cool, and I'm pretty excited to see what becomes of it!

RED stands for Revolution, Evolution and Delight (who comes up with this?), each letter stands for 1 part of the overall update.


"Balancing. The Nova, Resistance, Heroes and the Knights of Cygnus will be equally balanced with each having their own flavor. You’re probably thinking… no Adventurer balancing?!  Nope. The Adventurers will be completely overhauled. They have shown the new illustrations of the Adventurers that replaces the old.

The Dual Blader & Cannon Shooter being the special adventurers will also receive special treatment and become more powerful.


Next up is the Free Advancement system. It’s a preview so these teasers are not explained in great detail. So far, I don’t know what this system means but I believe you can advance to another class freely without restrictions. Furthermore Adventurers will now have an actual story line just like all the other classes. Combined with these changes, the real Adventurer is coming your way!
There will be enforced security, such as a faster recovery system for if you have been hacked, a Happy Recovery system (compensation for the affected users), improvements to the report feature and reinforced security in general."




"There will be equal fun for users who play the game for free and users who used cash. Meaning free users can have fun without spending cash.

Great rewards will be given when you progress your character in Maple.


The next feature in Evolution is the Auction House where you can trade items with users! This is in the good direction. I think the user survey where users could submit their feedback helped them to shape this update. Next up is the Mobile Link. You can now link MapleStory to your cell phone. However, I don’t know what features you can link other than Monster Life. "




"Delight is the variety of  fun and fast progression. From Delight we can expect a new continent, new hunting grounds and content. It is not revealed what the new continent is but I expect it to be Masteria. Why? Because it has been revealed in KMS that Masteria is a new continent where demons come from. Damien is the little brother of Demon Slayer/Avenger and he became the new commander of the Black Mage’s army. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?



Next up in Delight is that all the characters from all the worlds can be in one place! World merge area. I am not sure if this is a world merge combining everything into one world. Time will tell.
Soon we can engage in battle with the invasion of the Black Mage’s commanders in real-time.


You thought Magnus or any of the Chaos Root Abyss boss monsters were easy? How about a 1:100 boss fight with a giant boss monster? That’s right. It mentions a giant so it makes me wonder if this is maybe Colossus.
PvP will receive a tiny bit of love too because there will be a new mode. A mode where you can be a boss monster and fight a regular player. Wait! I’m not done yet.
The rewards from bosses will be improved!

With all these revamps to the game systems wouldn’t you think we need a revamp of the guild skills and the Family system? Am I right? Too bad it’s not coming in RED but there will be a complete revamp to the professions system which will include creation of scrolls!"


See Spadow's blog for more information!


I'm pretty excited to see what GMS is going to be getting this summer... I hope the Unlimited update is going to be fun.