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What You May Not Know About Me

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#41 Yashuragi

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  • Gender:Female
  • Location:Toronto, Canada
  • Interests:I like reading various novels, and playing video games.<br />I also do a bit of graphic design and drawing once in a while.<br />I also like to sleep.<br />I love Classical Music.

  • Character Info:
    Yashuragi - 10x Ice Thunder Mage

  • Broa

Posted 08 June 2009 - 12:59 AM

I like to eat salt.
I used to eat salt straight from the shaker as a kid.
I still do eat salt now, except instead of eating from the shaker, I pour it into a spoon.

#42 Acorn-chan

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  • Gender:Female
  • Location:In my closet, drawing pictures of Bakura.
  • Interests:Bakura&lt;3

  • Character Info:
    AcornChan: lvl. 60, bwahahahaa Cleric
    Quioo: lvl. 21 I/L
    Phynee: lvl. 12 Sin
    Ziroee: lvl. 1 HP Warrior
    BakurasPocky: lvl. 19 DW

  • Windia

Posted 08 June 2009 - 02:01 AM

At SciO, when we had to learn the difference between salt and sugar crystals, this guy Adam was like, "Salt is square, because nobody likes to eat it plain. And the other thing is sugar." xDD

Edit: I came up with a few more :3

I also have fears of dumb things, like the dark and clowns o3o
When I draw a picture, I HAVE to use the same exact pencil, or else I feel like the picture is ruined. Don't ask, I don't know why either xD
Most of my good pictures are on lined paper. Then again, it's like that for a lot of people I know o.o

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