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Gracie's Philosophy on ImaginationClick here to read!
People's lack of imagination shall eventually lead to their downfall. They'll be so immersed in things of the real world (Ex. Bills, their salary, etc.) that they'll begin to believe that they do not have enough money to support themselves or their families. Eventually, they will begin to feel helpless because they think that they'll die later, which is stupid, because everyone dies eventually. To stop feeling so bad, they will eventually end their own lives.
So stop being so freakin' depressed~ Just use your mind to find the good out of everything bad that happens. Use your imagination to make the world your own happy little place, even though you know it's not.

Gracie's Philosophy on GratefulnessClick here to read!
Being grateful for all of the good things that happen to you can make you a happier person. If you go around saying, "Life isn't fair," you're not able to see all of the good things that life has given you, like a home; food; a place to sleep; shelter from the rain, snow, and heat; etc. And yet, those people still go around thinking that they are unfortunate? Maybe if those fortunes were taken away from them, they would be able to see how fair life really was for them.

Did I use "epiphany" correctly in context? o.o
Whatever. So yesterday, I was stressed out because I had loads of homework to do, especially since the Internet distracts me (Friday, I had to teach small, clueless children about stars; Saturday, I was REEEEEEEALLY busy), and some unexpected visitors came. So I had to frickin' watch TV with her daughter, who was annoying me by saying that my house is big and has a lot of stuff, for two hours. The whole time, I was thinking about how I could finish my homework. Well, I actually managed to, but it was late. So before I went to bed, I cried. I know it sounds stupid, but usually when I cry, it's for a stupid reason. When I actually have a rational reason to cry, I just feel numb and.. dreamlike? But then I stopped and heard my mother aruing with my father downstairs. Then I thought about how sometimes I think my parents think I'm a burden. Another tear fell. But then I thought that if they didn't love me, the wouldn't bother to pay for school, or drawing lessons, or violin lessons, or tennis lessons, or food. Then I thought about the people who can't afford to buy those luxuries, especially in this economic crisis. Another tear fell. Then I thought about the people who go to the other middle school in our school district, and how I missed them so much. Especially the ones that I left to go to the gifted program in 4th grade. The next time I see those particular people, six years will have gone by since I've last seen them. Another tear fell. And, yeah, I was thinking about all of the bad things that happen in everyone's life, and it went back to the homeless people. Suddenly, I stopped crying. All of that pity for the homeless people turned into hope for them. And that's when I realized my purpose in life--To help all of the people whose lives were affected because of the economic crisis, and
to take all of the negativity in the world and extinguish it.
Then tears of happiness came to wash the tears of sadness out of my eyes. Now I'm not depressed anymore, like I've actually been for the past month.
Instead, the brightest light ever is glowing in my heart and I'm more happy than I've ever been before in my entire life.

Also, I'm becoming a better writer. See? biggrin.gif

Gracie, I have 18 action phrases! Poke me!

Well, you're not exactly the brightest pickle in the sea either.
Remember--You are a beautiful assortment of rainbowy colors.
Increase the peace!
"I'm here to kick ass and drink cups of tea. And I'm all out of tea." -Bakura

Halfway done with YuGiOh~ <3

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